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2017-03-30 camargoGeneral additions and rework
2015-11-13 Lucas P. CamargoFixed that warning for sure now...
2015-11-12 Lucas P. CamargoRemoved warning
2015-08-03 lpcamargoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-03 lpcamargoAdded CONSTANT to openalHandle property in nSoundSource
2015-06-22 lpcamargoChanged header filenames. Compiles now.
2015-06-22 lpcamargorenamed all files
2015-06-22 lpcamargoAdded filter usage example
2015-06-22 lpcamargoNow you can set filter properties.
2015-06-22 lpcamargoCleaned up listener code.
2015-06-22 lpcamargoCreated separate header for AL inclusion. Added basic...
2015-06-20 lpcamargoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-20 lpcamargoDifferent output frequency on mobile. Readded efx exten...
2015-06-03 lpcamargoFixed nSndfileStream with Q_OBJECT macro.
2015-06-03 lpcamargoMade streamers modular.
2015-05-11 lpcamargoFixed conflict
2015-05-11 lpcamargoAdded shared lib project.
2015-05-11 lpcamargoAdded project files
2015-05-10 lpcamargoFixed double headers in some files
2015-05-10 lpcamargoAdded copyright headers
2015-05-10 lpcamargoInitial commit