descriptionSonic-style Platformer Engine using Qt/QML and other libs
last changeFri, 3 Aug 2018 03:51:22 +0000 (00:51 -0300)
2018-08-03 camargo[controller,cmake] fixed SDL2 usage in CMake master
2018-08-02 camargo[thirdparty] up sdl game controller db version
2018-08-02 camargoAdded CMake build system for desktop, also build with...
2018-08-02 camargotoo much modifications to count
2016-03-28 camargoWe are 1080p now. Sprite system, texture system, many...
2016-03-28 camargoToo much stuff to count
2016-02-23 camargoToo many changes to count
2015-11-13 Lucas P. CamargoSlight changes to mobile logic
2015-11-12 Lucas P. CamargoRemoved mob objs from version control
2015-11-12 Lucas P. CamargoImproved vitualpad. Added art folder. Added optimized...
2015-11-12 Lucas P. CamargoAdded basic Joypad support using SDL2
2015-11-11 Lucas P. CamargoAdded android x86 build and made several changes
2015-08-19 lpcamargoPorted to new neiasound version
2015-08-03 lpcamargoUpdate neiasound
2015-06-29 lpcamargoA million trillion bazillion changes
2015-06-11 lpcamargoAdded custom image items and custom texture loading...
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