Welcome to my hosted GitWeb interface. This is the infrastructure I use for projects, both personal and in the context of academia. Feel free to explore and clone to your heart's content.

Most (or all) of these repositories are also mirrored at GitHub.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
camargo/FirstBlood.git camargo 6 months ago
camargo/arduino-workspace.git Arduino workspace kept here for convenience camargo 14 months ago
camargo/device-admin-sample.git camargo 6 months ago
camargo/dw.git Sonic-style Platformer Engine using Qt/QML and other libs camargo 14 months ago
camargo/hydrus-v1.git First version of the Hydrus project: sw, hw, docs, etc. (Intel Galileo based) camargo 14 months ago
camargo/hydrus-v2.git Second version of the Hydrus project: sw, hw, docs, etc. (RaspberryPi based) camargo 14 months ago
camargo/instrumentation-experiments.git Instrumentation demos written for the Tiva TM4C123G Launchpad atop the TivaWare library camargo 14 months ago
camargo/libcamargoutils.git Code snippets to ease some pains camargo 15 months ago
camargo/libtstp.git Linux implementation of the TSTP protocol (early WIP) camargo 14 months ago
camargo/neiaframework.git camargo No commits
camargo/neiasound.git Sound library: Qt-style OpenAL wrapper for games camargo 14 months ago
camargo/rgb565conv.git Small utility to convert an image to a binary RGB565 representation (to be used in a FPGA project). camargo 14 months ago
camargo/sonic-experiment.git camargo No commits
camargo/str2progmem.git camargo 2 weeks ago