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  • Workshop: Build your own Arduino-compatible board

    On the 14th of March, 2020, I ran a workshop on DIY electronics and how to build your own boards, at Fab Lab Joinville. The main deliverable was an Arduino-compatible board based off of Arduino UNO, nicknamed FABUINO. It was very interesting to see the different approaches beginners had for assembling their own boards and […]

  • fakeduino: Testing Arduino sketches on the desktop

    Developing with the Arduino IDE is usually a breeze… for simple stuff. You want to create a 200-line sketch that reads some sensors and does something very specific, and self contained? It’s fine. Things are not so nice when trying to implement something more complex. Why? Uploading the sketch over and over gets boring and […]

  • String tables in flash memory on Arduino (+ script!)

    tl;dr: In this post, we touch briefly on how saving dynamic memory on Arduino by storing data on flash memory is nice, but how it can get cumbersome quickly for a larger project. And then present a solution for doing all of that automatically. A recurrent problem in creating user interfaces on AVR platforms, and […]

  • The Hydrus Project wins Intel’s Embedded Systems Competition

    Me, our friend Eloi, Êmili, Guilherme, and Professor Giovani After many months of hard work and dedication, our team accomplished its ultimate goal, and we won the competition! The Hydrus project (as per these posts) was successfully completed a single day before the competition. The last test was in the last possible day. All of […]

  • Hydrus Project Update

    (This should have been published months ago (nov. 2016) but I was so busy with the project itself I kinda forgot it was on the queue) A lot has been happening in the Hydrus Project front. The deadlines are getting tighter and there is still a ton of stuff to do, for the whole team. […]

  • The Hydrus Project

    It has become traditional for the Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering to be held together with the Intel Embedded Systems Contest. For the contest’s 2016 edition, I have teamed up with a couple of friends, Guilherme Pangratz and Êmili Bohrer, and my mentor, Giovani Gracioli, to come up with an exciting entry. Back in […]

  • dw Engine Update Two

    dw Engine is my project on QML-based game facilities that extend Qt to form a 2D Game Engine for desktop and mobile. I have been taking my sweet time bringing the engine to higher standards of ease of usage and performance and I would like to share some of it and some thoughts on Qt […]

  • Microcontroller and Instrumentation Experiments

    Holidays are still going strong here in Rio. But I guess as a result of some subconscious new year resolutions, it is finally time to clear up the publishing queue a little bit. Blogging has been slow because things have been moving past me alarmingly fast. From the top of my mind, the first thing […]

  • TampereGotchi on GitHub

    It’s about time! After almost a year past the project completion at the University of Tampere, the source code was left bitrotting in my (and my colleague’s) hard drives. Since then I remembered countless times that I had to upload and blog about it and fix a couple things on it but never had the […]

  • Back to Brazil: LISHA and other tidbits

    Exchange period is finally over. Truth be told, it has been over for almost two months! But it feels like only now I have got my bearings back again. It is not easy leaving Finland, what an awesome country! Just as I was doing before leaving more than a year ago, I am back at […]