Month: February 2015

  • dw Engine Update One

    We have Fire Shield! Normal shield! Bridges! Running on water! Rain! Particle effects! Cool stuff! Basically, The engine is ready for it’s inevitable one/two zone demo. The first video is a bit older, and sucks for being offscreen. Linux version. The other is more recent, from the android build. The capture is choppy though, so […]

  • Smart Crane Monitoring App and Real Sense for Mobile Devices

    One final presentation at Konecranes HQ in Hyvinkää, marked the end of the SCMA project with Konecranes. It was a pleasure to work with the company, and special thanks go to our awesome Demola facilitator, Ville Korpiluoto. Cheers! The project results were licensed to the company and development will continue internally at Konecranes. It has […]